BP4 – Mix it up with Wix.com

wixlogois some kind of wonderful. You don’t need to be an artist or engineer, or have any knowledge of coding or web design.  Wix makes it possible for everyone to create beautifully polished, HTML5 websites for free. I signed up, got inspired by the templates, and found myself three hours later uploading vintage family photos into a website I never dreamed of creating.  To see my work in progress click here.

Wix has an inviting, uncluttered interface. Navigation between pages is effortless. The Explore page features a “Wix of the Day” to showcase subscribers’ sites.  Visitors like myself think, “Ooh! I can do that!”  and dive into the templates to start creating.


The View and Edit options under each template are tempting, so be prepared to lose track of time.  Once at work in a template the magic of drag n’ drop editing becomes apparent. Color schemes, font styles and sizes are all customizable. I began to see the importance of place holders when trying to upload images.  As a novice I found creating galleries for images to be a challenge.  Typing text into text boxes could be erratic as well with fonts changing size spontaneously from time to time.


Free Wix accounts have no “page” limits. The free account comes with 500MB of storage and up to 500MB of bandwidth. It is recommended that users keep the number of pages down and to avoid overloading each page with content.  Sluggish browsing is no fun for anyone.

Premium accounts have a range of monthly and yearly price options. As you might expect
the higher the price, the greater the storage and bandwith.  And the absence of Wix Ads. Free mobile ads, Google Analytics, Premium Support are among the features a Premium account will buy.

As I went through the website creation process I referred to the tutorial pages in the Wix Support Center.  I was impressed at how well organized it was and how truly helpful the videos were.   They were created with the visual learner in mind for sure!  Click here.


With the right project parameters, and guidance regarding copyright infringement, I can see Middle and Upper School student using Wix for projects in most any content area.  I will be testing this out soon with 7th and 8th graders for an upcoming Spanish project.

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