LeeBlogpicI grew up in Coral Gables, enjoying the natural beauty of South Florida, attending local schools, and studying languages overseas.  I had a talent for languages and my passion for art, music, travel, and story-telling, were put to good use in the classroom where I taught Spanish and ESOL  for sixteen years. Dade County Public Schools were vibrant laboratories for studying language acquisition which was the focus of my MS TESOL program at UM. In the days before FCAT, we had greater freedom to try a variety of approaches, tapping into the visual arts, music, and drama to facilitate language proficiency.  The best way to greet each day was with a well developed sense of humor.

After my son graduated from high school, it was time for a change. Desktop computers were slowly making their way into the classroom, as were electronic gradebooks.  My students inspired me to branch out and explore a new way to teach and learn. The term educational technology was not in use. I took the plunge; left the classroom, and entered school through a different door, that of software trainer and integrator.

Fourteen years later, I laugh at how quickly the job title changes: technologist, integrator, implementation specialist. At the end of the day, we are teachers, learning how to learn all over again.

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  1. I LoVe this web site! The teacher who developed it is very creative!! It is gratifying to see that teaching is keeping up with the technological times. So often classroom work is behind the times, but this teacher is keeping up with them!

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