BP10 – Action Plan Reviews

Check out the new E-zine under construction at PediaSynaptic.  Author, Rich Tarbox, has a plan to bring the latest developments in neuroscience, learning theory, and innovative learning techniques to teachers in an E-zine framework he’s building in Adobe InDesign right now.

The introductory video provides a convincing rationale for the project.  Why not design an E-zine for educators with the same sizzle and interactive features of GEEK magazine and other publications created for the entertainment and technology industries?

Why not offer an E-zine so informative and engaging that folks will download it to their tablets from iTunes or Amazon Kindle?  Sounds like a good idea to me.

I was interested in seeing what my classmate Jeffrey was up to on his Action Plan. It turns out he’s busy creating a website for his graphic design business using a tool called SquareSpace.  He gave us a sneak peek at his new site in the iMovie commercial he posted for an earlier assignment.

There were some dramatic, black white & gray images from his portfolio in that commercial. which I hope will be fully displayed once the site is ready.

Unfortunately, the link isn’t active yet, so we’ll have to wait to see the full display of his creations.  According to his timeline, April 1st is the target date for acquiring his own domain so let’s keep our fingers crossed that a big reveal is on its way.

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