6th Grade Life Science Project

Wisconsin Fast Plant Project Part 1.

Every spring, Life Science instructor Susan Vicelli introduces 6th graders to the 40 day life cycle of the Brassica Rapa.      Seeds harvested from the prior year make a new beginning as students plant, fertilize, water, and track their growth into a fresh crop.

Wisconsin Fast Plant Project Part 2.

Students kept lab journals to record and graph plant data for the duration of the project.  Their final entry was to respond to the following:

“By using your graph and observations made, form a conclusion about the overall growth of your plant. Discuss the value of the entire experiment.  Tell what you found the most interesting/least interesting.  Did the experiment meet your expectations?”

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2 Responses to 6th Grade Life Science Project

  1. Joanna says:

    It’s amazing to see those kids so involved, what a perfect teamwork! Good job with capturing the beginning and the end of this project – both videos give me a good idea of the whole process. I also loved hearing students’ opinions.

  2. Linda says:

    Awesome project. How many times can you reharvest the seeds?

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