ePals in France

French teacher, Ms. Sarai Gutierrez-Rodriguez facilitates a Skype connection between her French I students in Fort Lauderdale and a class of ESL I students in France.

Students have been ePals and making posts on Kidblog all year.  This was their first opportunity to meet face to face.

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2 Responses to ePals in France

  1. saraigr says:

    Hi Joanna! Students had questions and topics previously prepared. Even so, they were a bit shy. Hopefully an ongoing communication will make them be more outgoing next time… all in all the Epals’ experience has been enriching for both of us, and the Skyping has been a great addition to it.

  2. Joanna says:

    Great idea, but it looks like they were a bit shy 🙂 Did they have to prepare questions or topics first or was it an improvisation?

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