Creative Commons: Image Search and Attribution

Copyright infringement is a tricky topic and not so simple to address.  Here’s the project I submitted for Digital Assets In Educational Media.

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6 Responses to Creative Commons: Image Search and Attribution

  1. Ketsana says:

    Copyright issues are so complex and somewhat overwhelming. I am still learning, of course. Thanks for sharing, Lee.

  2. Amanda says:

    Great video! I only wish that you had described, individually, the six different types on CC licenses that were referenced. You have such a great voice; I could listen to it all day!

    • Thanks! Actually that had been my original plan, but the video would have gone over the time limit for the assignment. Now it serves as an introduction to a lesson activity. Hope you’ll make suggestions for that as well. It’s a Nearpod lesson…

  3. Linda says:

    Very informative. Are you going to follow up with works cited.

  4. Beverly George says:

    This was very informative. I learned so much and I think the humor made me retain the information. The chart illustrated the point and the source for images avoiding copyright infringement is just what I needed to know to precede on future projects.

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