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Space and the Solar System

7th grade Earth Science students enjoyed an interactive videoconference with the North Central Ohio Educational Service Center (NCOESC). They explored gravity, life in space, and other concepts through a variety of engaging activities.  

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Three Cups Project

Ileana Lavender’s Visual Arts students experiment in clay.  

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Floor Plans to Scale

Dennis Perry’s Foundations of Algebra students describe how they use the tools on FloorPlanner.com to recreate and remodel their bedrooms.    

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Featured Creatures!

What better way to wrap up the school year and a unit on Invertebrates, than to create an original invertebrate of one’s own? Susan Vicelli’s 6th Grade Life Science students did just that.  After studying the earthworm, squid, sea star and crawfish, … Continue reading

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A Busy Year

The 2013-14 academic year flew by and EdTechTurista is way out of date. Sorry about that!  It’s time to showcase a few projects. But before I begin… iPhone’s iMovie App One of my favorite “job-related” discoveries this year was the iMovie app for iPhone.  I … Continue reading

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