GoAnimate Rocks World Languages!

GoAnimate rocked in Middle School French, Spanish and Chinese classes this year.  We started with GoAnimate4schools.com free account:  1 teacher + 40 students, but soon upgraded to the Super Teacher account: 2 teachers + 48 students for $99.00/year. Seeing the enthusiastic  student response, two more teachers jumped on board, making GoAnimate one of Middle School’s favorite technology tools.

Tips for implementing GoAnimate

Projects that use any cloud-based platform can hit a snag or two.  Most snags can be avoided by checking out the list below prior to launching your GoAnimate activity.  I’ve found trouble-shooting “out-loud” together encourages students to find and share their solutions.

Laptop & teacher workstation requirements

  • up-to-date browsers (Firefox, Chrome; avoid Internet Explorer)
  • up-to-date Flash plugin
  • microphone settings
  • set to allow pop-ups from the GoAnimate website
  • set to allow Adobe access to laptop microphone and voice recorder
  • ask the IT department to whitelist the domain GoAnimate4schools.com for both web and email traffic

Project Planning and Time Management

  • allow class time for students to check technical requirements and assign a due date for meeting technical requirements for those using personal computers
  • provide rubric with clear expectations
  • break down the project into a checklist of short term deadlines (final script, storyboard, scene/timeline check)
  • allow class time for introductory experimentation with creation tools
  • allow class time for work in progress
  • pair or group group students in class to share animation expertise

Download GoAnimate’s Getting Started Guide here.

French teacher, Sarai Gutierrez-Rodriguez share’s her GoAnimate story and resources here.

See sample student projects below:

Note:  Spanish students were required to expand on the story and characters from a unit in their textbook. The text was about two American students going to Spain to live with Spanish families.

GoAnimate educators share lesson ideas and rubrics.  See an American Government lesson plan and rubric here.

GoAnimate was fun to use as an intro to my workshop.  Have fun!



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